Commercial Design

Whether it’s interior or exterior design for commercial buildings, at Design HUB our priority is to deliver aesthetically pleasing, functional and affordable design solutions.

Commercial Interior Design

In commercial buildings, the requirements for the interior are very specific; due to the high employee or customer turnover it must be functional and durable, but at the same time appealing and profitable. And it has to respect the corporate brand identity.

Our interior design concepts are taking all this and more into consideration.
Optimal space allocation, high quality materials and custom furniture will work together to transform the client’s vision to reality.

Commercial Building Design

Everyone that owns a commercial property most probably wants it designed to his and his clients’ taste, the exterior design and architectural concepts should reflect the identity of the brand and in the same time respect environmental aspects.

For commercial projects, our packages offer a range of specialized design solutions that are tailored for a wide variety of business concerns, ranging from corporate branding, commercial outlet designs, office design, to full hotel designs, restaurant design Landscaping, Facade and more…

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Design hub strives to be innovative in its corporate design approach, ideally enticing employees coming to work and valuing client’s first impressions. Corporate brand identity is taken into account and is reflected within proposed designs.

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From boutique hotels to larger deluxe hotels we take pride in creating a competitive and innovative design attitude. Branding, aesthetics, functionality and general client / staff perception are of the highest importance. Design features and functionality must direct the right message and conditions for potential clients and competitors.

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Catering establishment concepts and designs are offered as a package for customers. Package includes, creating the concept logo and brand identity dependant on client’s requirements. In tandem, the exterior and interior design, space allocation are determined benefitting from a holistic brand design approach.

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Our goal in retail design is to create an outstanding space, customized to our clients’ needs in regards to interior and exterior design, which draws the consumers into that space by promoting a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.

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