A significant factor in the iGaming office design is to consider the unique requirements of the workspace, as these are substantial for the success of the companies in their industry.

Peculiarities in Designing iGaming Offices

iGaming companies typically work in open plan office environments, but due to today’s circumstances many businesses feel obliged to adapt their traditional office designs including the ventilation and lighting facilities to improve the work environment.
Especially in this industry, which often has a fast turn-over of employees, it’s important to motivate existing team members or attract new ones by providing a creative and functional working atmosphere.
Depending on the location, not only the interior, also the exterior design needs to be transformed. To redesign the facade of the building according to brand and company will give the right message to passing people by introducing the internal face to the outside.

It can be a challenge to create a well-designed office that fulfills all these requirements and offers the opportunity to expand within a short period of time while staying within budget.

Functionality and Custom Design for iGaming Work Spaces

Be it a space that has to be redesigned or newly set up, based on the client’s request we at Design Hub analyze the given conditions in order to be able to propose the best possible design solution.

One of the first things we think about is general space allocation and the fluid traffic flow throughout the office. iGaming offices need a proper balance of working and breakout areas.
Breakout and dining zones become more comfortable if there are no bottlenecks or dead ends wherever possible. This requires excellent space optimization.
Another fundamental point from the health aspect of the team is forced ventilation and fresh air. When it comes to creating a more comfortable work environment, acoustics and lighting considerations are vital. Natural lighting should be exploited whenever possible.

Work spaces in iGaming offices also need to be carefully structured. Desk clusters are used to separate the room and their design at the same time will impart the privacy of the employees. This means that we manage to free up space in a different area of the office, improve social distancing, and customize a design that represents the corporate brand identity.
Most of the time private conference rooms to facilitate private meetings have to be integrated into the office space.

Creativity, Experience and New Design that makes the Difference

During the past two years, Design Hub has designed more than 5,000 m² of open plan office space. A large part of it was iGaming office space.

There’s no one-fits-all design, each project is unique and this requires a clear understanding of the brand and the needs of managers and employees. As often the team is very interactive they can help to participate in the inspiration. Our duty at Design Hub is to communicate and to listen carefully to them.
We propose the new design based on their feedback and the budget with a huge choice of different materials and features to accommodate various work situations and activities.

Most companies appreciate entrusting their projects to “just one hand”.
Following this demand Design Hub has extended its scope of services: we offer iGaming office design packages that cover the full project from the beginning to the end. We execute and follow the entire process from sketch to finishing, including exterior and interior design. Rendering imagery helps to visualize the finished project already during the planning. Our aim is to ensure the quality of the installation and construction as well as the use of the appropriate material for the project.

We are proud that with our design we can create a well-functioning and at the same time pleasant working environment for both managers and employees and thus ensure that in the end everyone is satisfied. The best part is that all this can be done at an affordable price.

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