A bank office has to communicate the company’s mission, vision and values. The corporate identity of the Bank needs to be reflected in its office’s design and this has to be clearly communicated to both employees and clients visiting the office.

Features of a Welcoming and Functional Bank Office Design

A bank office needs to be aesthetically pleasing as it’s a space which has to welcome both staff and clients and make them feel good.
It has to incorporate technology in a way that this is used as a tool rather than act as a distraction. It requires effective light positioning and allocating space for different tasks in open plan areas as well as areas that demand privacy and greater levels of concentration.

When designing a bank office there are various points to consider: employees, clients, brand identity, space usage, security, technology and more…

A Bank Office where Employees do their Best Work and Clients Feel at Ease

Our aim at Design Hub is to design a transparent space with a high-end experience for Bank clients and staff, encompassing common areas, open space offices and executive offices.

Design has to be married to function. Efficient space allocation ensures the most economical and ecological use of your areas.
Proximity to the client is an essential part of the banking business, this requires workplaces that preserve discretion. Glass fronted offices can be integrated, allowing for more light and transparency and privacy at the same time.

When it comes to designing a comfortable work environment, lighting and acoustics aspects are essential. To reduce ambient noise, you can consider installing sound absorbing separators.

Whenever possible, you should take advantage of natural lighting. Furthermore the ventilation system and fresh air needs to be taken into consideration.

Last but not least a bank office needs a relaxation area where employees can organise events, hang out or simply have a chat.

We Design the Bank Office Customized to Your Needs

Whether you’re considering building a new workplace or refurbishing an existing one, we design bank offices that work for your business.

Design Hub’s approach is not just about aesthetics, it is also a human-centered approach, with the aim of developing customized workplace design solutions.

The primary consideration when designing an office space is the client.
We take a holistic view of the opportunities and challenges that you as a banking company need to address and start taking action from that point. While visiting you on place our experts analyse the existing space. Our team works closely together with managers and staff, to understand their needs and to create customized workplaces which are fully aligned with people, purpose and place.

Based on this information we create the plan and present our proposal incorporating brand identity, dimensions, finishes and materials.
We can also provide visual renderings of different spaces/rooms to show you the preview of the new Bank office design – the lighting, furniture, ceiling, etc.
That’s why our designer and delivery teams are so closely intertwined and so successful.

Investing in the physical environment will make you an attractive employer and give you an advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining productive and dedicated employees who can help you achieve your ambitious goals.

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