The Office Space for the Future

For the labor market, Covid19 has ushered in a new era. It has shown that social distancing, good ventilation and other measures are essential to a more safe work environment.
But apart from the fact that the pandemic may have been the initiator of this rethinking, there are other factors that, even in “normal times” help employees feel comfortable and thus be more productive.

What signifies an Open Plan Office?

In closed office spaces it may be difficult to implement units that help in social distancing or ensure a good ventilation while open plan offices provide better conditions in this regard.

A high percentage of existing offices are open plan offices, which means all departments like sales, accounting, marketing etc. are on the same level, multiple people are using the same facilities such as the coffee kitchen, break room or sanitary rooms, they are moving around and communicating with each other.
However, these advantages also have disadvantages, due to sound, ventilation, lighting or general privacy.

Big enterprises like banks or iGaming businesses invest a lot in their staff to stay competitive, but due to the insecurity within the workforce who preferred remote working solutions the managements were in need to provide a safe office set-up.

Functional Interior Design for Existing Open Offices

We at Design Hub offer practical interior design and architectural solutions to companies seeking functional spaces for their enterprises.
Our designs are set up in the way the company is already working and this way help to improve the open plan environment.
The aim is to alter existing interior to improve its functionality. We use the existing structure of the open-plan office and add elements within that same structure.
A variation of different finishes, colors and materials will be adapted according to a company’s brand identity and needs.

The incorporation of custom designed partitions in between and at the end of desks is separating employees and giving them their own safe and private space.
One priority is the soundproofing; using sound absorbing materials in ceilings and walls will help for noise nuisance.
Having the right lighting system is essential for each office, the same applies to the ventilation system. All ventilation or air condition grills need to be placed in such a way that they are not inconvenient for the employees.
All this systems, the details and locations are taken into consideration in order to achieve a strong aesthetic value and the best atmosphere possible.

Experience and Creativity in Open Plan Office Design

Within the last 2 years Design Hub has designed over 5,000 m² open-plan office spaces.
The way we handle our projects, makes it necessary to have an intensive communication with our clients.
We need to learn about the corporate identity, what the managers want to achieve and how the company is working.
Our experts visit the client on place, analyse the existing space and desk set ups, study the team to see who communicates together and find out what the client has in mind.
We work closely with managers and staff to determine the new seating positions for teams and staff. With this information we survey existing office, we take the measurements, and come back to present the new plan incorporating the brand identity and the new components and propose locations, materials, finishes and dimensions.
We also provide visual renderings of different spaces/rooms to show our client the preview of the new office design – the elements, ceiling, lighting etc.

The client will receive an estimation of the cost and timeline.
Depending on the size of the project the time frame from order to installation is approximately 8 weeks.

Design Hub has enhanced its service range; besides the designing we also take care about the building and finishing of our clients’ projects.
Our goal is to ensure the quality of the construction and installation and to use the correct materials for the respective project. The elements and partitions, which are adapted to the specific needs of the customer and the office are custom made by a carpenter we work closely with. This process also includes determining which finishes and materials to use for the partitions. Our client can choose from a variety of options.

With all of this, we achieve that the existing staff feels comfortable and can enjoy their work, new employees are attracted thanks to the good working environment and at the end make sure that everyone is satisfied. And all this can be done at an affordable price.

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