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In certain residential areas of Malta Townhouses are traditionally seen as part of the city scape, recognized by their characteristic features such as limestone facades, wooden balconies, windows and doors.
Many of them are very old and rustic, others built in the 60s or 70s.

Unconverted Townhouse as Residential Property

An old or even very old townhouse is a property that should be preserved.
It’s like a classic car, it has its own character and its history.

Our mission at Design Hub is to keep this rustic value and make it functional rather than breaking it down.
To bring it to today’s limitations is the most important backbone of the new townhouse.
Our interior and exterior design solutions will keep its character, but infuse an interesting twist to the concept of what a townhouse is.

Structure alternation of townhouses

Exterior and interior architectural alterations are carried out to modernize some rustic elements and integrate those things that are very appreciated nowadays such as
textures of floors, type of walls and space allocation.
All this, combined with functionality will result in a fascinating, modern twist and still keep the personality of the new townhouse, so it can still talk.

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