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Office interior design is all about increasing the collaboration, productivity, creativity and health of the employees.

Ideal Office Design

An ideal designed office impacts the workforce productivity, thus directly affects your companies’ success. A workplace that is mentally and physically comfortable and allows people to focus and collaborate at any time is, what today’s office interior design is targeting.

Essentially, it is all about harmonizing the space where you are living and working, so that each separate component complements each other.

Office Interior for a Customized Office Experience

Design Hub Malta offers a full design and build fit out package for existing or new offices spaces. We pride ourselves with creating ‘one off’ designs for international online businesses by providing innovative design solutions combined with optimal space maximization.

Our experienced interior designers take into consideration the general space allocation and fluid flow of traffic in all areas.

To make dining and breakout areas more comfortable there should be as few dead ends or bottlenecks as possible.
Importance need as well to be given to the structure of the open work area. Using desk clusters as room separators have several advantages. They can give different teams an identity, thus enhance the comfort of the employees and in the same time build solid barriers between the persons.

Open Plan Office Design

Our aim is the improvement of the working environment in existing open plan offices. The designs are customized to the way the corporates are already working, considering brand identity and existing office structure.
Our clients can choose from a variety of different materials, designs and finishes.

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Office Space Allocation

When it comes to space allocation, it is crucial to achieve maximum use of the available space. Our goal is to implement the best solution for optimal office operation, always taking into account the wishes and needs of our clients.

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Office Refurbishment

Upgrading your office space will result in a better work climate and adding value to your company, staff and clients. A successful refurbishment will increase the efficiency and comfort and intensify the brand identity thus maximising the outcome.

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iGaming Office Design

Most iGaming companies work in open plan offices. Our mission is, in cooperation with the managers and employees and based on their needs and ideas, to provide a functional and at the same time creative and enjoyable work environment.

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Bank Office Design

As the bank industry is highly competitive, banks have to make themselves stand out to attract more clients. Even more important is for them to gain and retain the trust of their clients.
For this reason, the bank office design process requires some main considerations such as
attracting and impressing clients, building a strong brand identity and providing a creative and enjoyable work environment for employees.

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Custom Desk Clusters to Increase Office Space

All our desk clusters are custom products. We design, build and deliver them to our customers. This way we can plan all the dimensions that depend on positions and team clusters within the open work area. To increase the visibility we carefully calculate the heights of the clusters depending on the needs of the different teams. We use materials and design elements that enhance sound absorption and give the seated employee a more focused work atmosphere.

Further Steps to Maximize Office Space

Employee lockers or office storage compartments are usually located in one certain area of an office. Our suggestion is to distribute these storage compartments within the offices spaces depending on the person who will be using them and on their function. Once we have determined the positions of usage, we can incorporate their design into the privacy structure of the desk cluster. In return, this enables us to free up space in a different area of the office, improve social distancing and customize the design that fits the company’s brand identity.

Comfortable Office Work Environment

The most basic for open and closed offices is forced ventilation and fresh air from the health point of view of the staff. Lighting and acoustics aspects are crucial to create a more comfortable working environment. Mostly, we design and build various functions in closed offices that introduce the space into a particular design.

Special features and designs within the space are firstly considered in the context of the brand identity, after the materials are proposed. Then the feature areas are customized and shaped to fit the rooms, whether it’s a feature on the wall, ceiling, floor, or even all three.

Most of the features we designed for ceilings and walls are great to combine materials in a way that they act as both sound absorbers and fun design elements that reinforce the brand identity and add elements and architecture to the background.

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