Luxury Yacht Design

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The design of a Luxury Yacht is always a unique challenge due to the various peculiarities of each individual project.

Known as the epitome of elegance and luxury, yachts allow wealthy people to combine their love for the sea with their preference for extravagant living.

The budget for the design of a yacht is generally not an issue, but is still an important factor because of the additional challenges to the interior design with respect to the special conditions at sea.

As any home, a yacht should reflect the taste of its owner.
That’s why it’s important to get to know you. We need to find out what defines you.

Creativity and Professionalism in Yacht Design

Sean Cassar’s passion for yachting has translated into designing an equally inspired luxury yacht interior that’s underpinned by a great deal of thought and a rationale for every minute detail.

His creative process starts with putting pen to paper and sketching your vision.
Equally important is functionality, the kind that enhances a client’s lifestyle, with detail that’s built-in yet invisible. Creativity and detail need to work together and result in the perfect balance between personal style and effective functionality.
It is not about the sumptuousness of materials but about how they mesh together.

Design Hub has the necessary profound technical knowledge and extensive experience when it comes to designing a luxury yacht. We ensure that all safety requirements are taken into account without disturbing the aesthetic of your personalized interior design.

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