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When one is faced with a residential design many important design factors need to be taken into account.

Residential Building Design

Internally a functional space allocation needs to be taken on board. The layout of rooms and spaces need to respect the area available within the build and also the individuals living in it. Our first and most important task is to propose structural alterations to a new or old build to help attain the most out of the space. Alterations will be proposed with previous study on design concept and visual renderings for the client to visualise the final design.
The facade and surrounding external facets of the building also need attention from a design point of view, whether an old building converted into a contemporary or enhancing a more recent build with lacking features and general wow factors.

Residential Interior Design

For residential interior design of a space we design all cladded surfaces and services within the space in one process. All surfaces within the space need to work together to ensure the design concept is followed through. We make it a point to propose new and one off materials sourced from all parts of the world to give that unique concept and design story for the client to appreciate. The internal masonry or false wall layout makes or breaks an interior design. Within a home interior design we hold a lot of value in this process and every millimetre within the outline walls are taken into consideration. This is done to maximise all areas and features where saving space in one space may enhance the functionality in another place.

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Larger residential premises, including outdoor facilities and large grounds hold many different elements and areas to consider both internally and externally. Attention is taken to all functional and aesthetical factors required by the client.

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The townhouses with their typical construction features portray the characteristic image of Maltese streets. They are considered as part of the island’s history and are therefore worth preserving.

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Over the course of weekly design meetings with clients all aspects of the interior are proposed and drawn up. By the use of sketches and visual renderings the concept and space allocation is illustrated dependant on the client’s briefs, budget and concept.

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