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Due to the high demands on retail space the design of these areas requires a combination of several areas of expertise such as exterior and interior design, ergonomics, graphic design and advertising.

Why retail design is a very specialized discipline

In retail design there are various facts to be taken into consideration.
There should be a relation of style and materials chosen on the facade that leads to the interior.
The storefront is intended to act as a billboard for the store, often using storefront windows that enable customers to look into the space and see the products offered.

As the interior space must be specially customized to the kind of products being sold a proper space allocation planning is required. Smaller products for example can be arranged on shelves in narrow spaces while clothing stores mostly need more open areas to display their products.

Design that makes your retail space stand out

Our creative and professional team at Design Hub strives to design the retail space according to our clients’ brief.
We give importance to the use of a unique mix of materials and the skillful placement of accessories and other items to enhance the feeling within the space.
To respect the branding in retail spaces that are part of a retail chain, the individual areas have to be consistent in their design.
The planning of an effective lighting concept is essential as it sets the mood of the store.
In addition to using as much natural light as possible, the lighting is used to draw customers’ attention to specific, highlighted products.
The lighting can also represent a brand, and when used in conjunction with architectural lighting it can be a cost effective way to provide a large store with a powerful branding standard.

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