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Villa designs take varied directions when one comes to design the space allocation. There are many more features and functions that can be brought to the table internally and also externally.

After in depth discussions with clients we analyse the client’s wish list and also propose new ideas and functions that may be interesting and exciting for the clients to integrate in their new home. Whether the budget for a project is of high value or moderate value, we mix materials and features within the space internally and externally to give the impression that more of an investment was made. This effect is attained by very detailed finishes and an interesting stitch concept of different materials. This would be put together conforming to the concept the client and designer decide to take.

Villa Interior Design

With eleven years experience of designing kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms, we can either design all furniture and get a supplier of brands conform to designs, on the other hand we are passionate about using our local and foreign fabrication colleagues building furniture to exact design specifications. When customising all carpentry you get the opportunity to create what you want around the dimensions found onsite. Customising also gives you the opportunity to use varied materials and in turn ‘one off’ designs are uniquely created for client.

Exterior Villa Design

Externally is as important as the internal. We are proud to have passion in designing and laying out the external space allocation. We design in a way that somehow relates to the internal concept.
We feel it is important to have the internal design and external design stitch in together making the whole space look larger and as a result more functional and propose many technical details regarding how the pool will work and how floor drains can be concealed but yet very effective.
We feel that considerate design should not only be judged by the luxury of the material but how it may be used differently and at its best functionality and effect.

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